On Haryana Bridge, Tear Gas On Farmers, Tractors Push Back Police Vans

  • 1:40
  • प्रकाशित: नवम्बर 26, 2020
सिनेमा व्‍यू
Thousands of farmers carrying sticks and swords threw barricades put up at the Haryana border into a river as they tried to force their way through for a protest march in Delhi. Tear gas shells and water cannons were used to push back the farmers, who temporarily retreated but came back in larger numbers to clash with the police. Haryana, ruled by the BJP, has been using heavy force to try and block farmers heading to Delhi in tractors and on foot for their two-day "Delhi Chalo" protest march against new farm laws that they fear will take away their bargaining power and allow large retailers to have more control over prices. The Delhi government has refused to allow any rally in the city, citing the coronavirus outbreak. Delhi's borders at Gurugram and Faridabad have been sealed and metro services have been affected.

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